Casa Bamboo is a multi-family development in the up-and-coming neighborhood of City Terrace, East LA; it is less than a mile from Cal State and only 4 miles from Downtown LA. The completion of the new 6th Street LA River viaduct is expected to increase the popularity of this area. The project consists of a 2000 SF single family residence and a 950 SF ADU within walking distance to local shops and restaurants, as well as City Terrace Water Park. It is located on a hill slope with the living room positioned a half floor down from the house’s entrance and the master bedroom a half floor up. The house has 3 bedrooms and 3 ½ bathrooms, and a guest house with 1 bedroom and 1 ½ bathrooms.

The design provides space flexibility, where occupants of the main house and guesthouse can live communally or as two tenants completely isolated from each other. The ADU is accessible through the house as well as directly from the street. The house and ADU are connected by an outdoor trellis and a series of sliding doors which open up through the guesthouse and all the way into the backyard creating an expensive indoor-outdoor living area. The layout of the house provides a lot of privacy as no windows are facing the street or each other. Skylights in the lobby and bathrooms offer additional natural light while preserving privacy.